Pastors of Renfrew Baptist


Pastors of Renfrew Baptist Church

Reverend Rudolf Milbrandt served Temple Baptist Church from December 1958 to 1964.  His love for humanity, constant vision for the Lord's work and his dedication to preaching led the members in the initial growth phase of the church.  When the first building projects were completed, he accepted the challenge of a church extension project in Creston, BC.

For the next 7 months in 1964 the church was served by interim pastor Reverend Gerhardt P. Schroeder.  Although senior in years, he was musically gifted and inspired many talented youth to use their voices and instruments to the glory of God.

In August 1964 Reverend Cornelius T. Remple accepted the leadership of Temple Baptist and served here until 1969.  The Lord blessed us during these years and many highlights could be recorded, including the hosting of the very first German Faith Conference.

Once again the church was served by an interim pastor, Reverend Reinhold Kanwischer.  He served for 14 months during 1969-1970.

Reverend Frank Schmidt joined Temple Baptist in 1970 and served us faithfully until 1980.  Changes were undertaken during his ministry to increase the use of the English language during Sunday School and worship services.  During this time, we also began to see the use of student workers and associate pastors.

Our first student worker was Willi Schmidt, employed for two summers in 1973 and 1974, serving as an assistant in various ministries.

In 1975, Siegfried Koslowski filled the position of summer student and was hired as a full time Assistant Pastor in 1976.  His pastoral duties were focused on youth ministry and English services.  Siegfried was the first member of Temple Baptist to graduate from Seminary and enter full time ministry.  During his ministry at Temple, the church was pleased to be able to ordain Siegfried into the ministry.  He concluded his ministry at Temple in 1977.

In the summer of 1977 Ellie Schock was employed to assist with youth and other ministries.

Brian Adam was appointed in 1977 on a part time basis to serve in particular among the youth.  He served with Temple until 1978.

In 1979 John Nicholson began his ministry among the youth and served until 1980.

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