Pastors of RBC: 1980-Present


Pastors of Renfrew Baptist Church 1980 - Present

Following Pastor Schmidt's departure, Reverend Reinhold Kanwischer served a second time as interim pastor from 1980-1982.  The services were enhanced by his musical ability.

Heinz Schoenhoff began his ministry in May 1982.  Under his leadership attempts were make to reach out into the community.  He had a heart for the lost and was able to lead many new believers to follow Christ in baptism.  In 1984 Pastor Schoenhoff was ordained at Temple Baptist.  His ministry at Temple continued through 1987.

During this time Keith Bienert took on the role of assistant pastor.  He served from 1982-1985.  In 1987 Keith was ordained at Temple Baptist and he and his wife Lillian were commissioned as missionaries in Brazil.  Their ministry in Brazil was supported by Temple for many years.

Marlow Fritzke began his ministry as assistant pastor in 1986.  His ordination in 1988 took place at Temple Baptist.  He concluded his ministry at Temple in 1991.

In 1987 Reverend Gerhardt Poschwatta began his ministry as senior pastor.  In 1991 he decided to focus his ministry to the German members of the congregation and took on the role of assistant pastor at that time.  He served in that capacity until his retirement in 1998.

Reverend Dieter Gohl became the senior pastor in 1991 with his ministry focusing more towards the English members of the congregation.  During his ministry efforts to reach out in the community continued by means of an annual garage sale and also a stampede breakfast.  In 2002 the church changed its name from Temple Baptist Church to Renfrew Baptist Church to reflect the community where the church is situated.  Dieter served at Renfrew for a total of 12 years, leaving his ministry here in 2003.

The need for a pastor specific to youth ministries was again realized during this time and Jon Koop was hired in 1994.  He served into 1995.

Chad Farr was hired for a few months in 1997.  For approximately one year following his ministry the youth pastor position remained vacant.

The need for a German pastor was not overlooked and after Pastor Gerhardt's retirement, Reverend Arthur Schlak was hired to fill the role of German Ministries in 1998.  He also served as the Pastor of Senior's Ministries in an official capacity until 2010 and as a volunteer until 2014.

For the first six months of 1999, Zane Webber worked with the youth on an interim basis.  Zane left Calgary to pursue his interest in Counselling ministries.

Donna Tuttle became the youth pastor in 1999 initially on a part time basis and then in 2000 her ministry grew to full time.  She continued her ministry into 2002.

In 2002, Quinn Hystad took on the role of Youth Pastor and served into 2004.

The role of Senior Pastor was filled on an interim bases by Dr. J. Walter Goltz from 2003-2004.  He was greatly appreciated by all generations of the congregation and had a servant's heart that was evidenced in his ministry.

Efraim del Rosario began his ministry in 2004, first as a student pastor and on the conclusion of Pastor Goltz's ministry Efraim was hired as Senior Pastor.  He had a passion for the lost and was eager to reach outside the church.  He concluded his ministry at Renfrew in August 2008.

Jared Patterson was hired as Youth Pastor in 2006 and served faithfully through to July 2008.  His love for students and parents was evidenced in his ministry.

Shawn Franklin began his ministry as Associate Pastor of Family Ministries in 2010. He served in that capacity until January 1, 2017 when he took on the role of Interim Lead Pastor. Shawn served at Renfrew until July 2017.

Brent Dunbar joined Renfrew Baptist as Lead Pastor in 2012.  He served with us until August 2016.  His love for the Hebrew Language and the Old Testament brought some great sermons over they years.  He also was regularly playing drums with our worship teams.

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