Sunday Morning 

Step through our doors and be greeted by the smell of ‘artisan’ coffee and the warmth of friendly faces that span the generations. As you make your way up to the sanctuary expect to receive many heartfelt handshakes and warm smiles – we are a friendly bunch who love to make others feel welcome! Our services are filled with Bible-based teaching sprinkled with prayer, praise, laughter and songs. Come and see what makes our church different-you might just find yourself a home.

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Renfrew Stories 

Get to know us. 

A smiling member of the Renfrew Baptist Church family

Rachel Bryant

About 2 years ago, I was looking for a church close to home and found Renfrew. After attending a few Sundays, I grew to love the inter-generational dynamic and the opportunities to jump right in and serve those around me.

Renfrew has been a place where I feel welcome, a place where I can seek refuge and support in times of trouble, and a place of celebration in the good times. The strength of Renfrew is its diversity. Young and old, married and single, various backgrounds and upbringings –you find a little bit of everything at Renfrew. The opportunity to do life with people different from me, on Sunday mornings or even just bumping into them in the community, is what I love about the Renfrew Baptist family.

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Darin & Melanie Falk

Our kids, Mel, and I have called Renfrew Baptist home for 16 years. Over the years, we have grown to cherish the relationships we’ve developed with fellow attendees, young and old.

What differentiates Renfrew to us is its open and inviting atmosphere. We feel that the Renfrew experience is more than attending on a Sunday morning; it’s getting connected with other individuals and families and experiencing the ups and downs of life together.

For me, Renfrew works hard to facilitate relationships and creates so many opportunities for involvement. Although I’m not a ‘professional musician’ I am still able to serve the church with what I’m passionate about – by leading worship on Sundays.

An elderly couple that is a part of our eclectic and authentic community

Jerry & Debbie Kotlewski

Deb and I have attended Renfrew Baptist since we were in high school. We met, fell in love and raised our kids alongside lifelong friends who did the same.

Not that long ago, we remember our children running around the church with their friends and are now encouraged by all the new young families (and our own grandchild) following suit. I have been an active member in the Renfrew community for many years. From coaching soccer to participating in the annual community Stampede breakfast, my heart is in Renfrew.

To us, Renfrew Baptist is a beautiful church family where newcomers are instantly welcome. Everyone is valued and encouraged to get connected and involved.

A family with young kids that is part Renfrew's age-diverse community

Shawn & Amy Koslowski

Over the past few years Amy and I have felt God bringing Renfrew (the church of my childhood) back to mind – over and over again. After a couple years of ignoring the obvious, we recognized the ‘call back’ – to build into the community and to invite some of our friends.

It was interesting coming back to Renfrew and seeing the old mixed with new. It’s been apparent since then that God is doing something significant at Renfrew right now. It’s exciting to be a part of! We’re noticing new growth and new people joining in the community. It’s tough to say where God will take us, but it looks like Renfrew will be part of our kids story as well!

A smiling woman who has found community and support at Renfrew

Lorie Bjorkman

What I love most about Renfrew Baptist is that the community embraced me when I didn’t fit the ‘Christian’ mould. Twenty-Five years ago I was a single parent in need of shelter and hope. The first time I came to Renfrew I chickened out and kept on walking right past the entrance. The next week, I found the courage to walk inside and was greeted with a warm handshake and shown where to go. Over time, my life changed and the church family helped me in more ways than I can count.

God is present at Renfrew – it’s where I met His son. If I could share anything, it’s that I myself have found love, acceptance and knowledge of our Lord here. What else is there?


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